Validate Identification

Ensuring secure access to your account

For security purposes, please enter your temporary username and temporary password from your myCustomHealth Welcome packet. Your temporary username consists of the first letter in your first name, your last name, the last four of your social security number with no spaces or special characters, and your date and month of birth including zeros.

For Example: John Doe, who has a social security number ending in 7799 and was born June 7, would enter jdoe77990706.

Once you validate your myCustomHealth account, for security purposes, we’ll have you create a new username and password that you’ll use to log into the site moving forward. Note that your email address will be your new username. If you don’t have an email account, we can help you set one up.

Your welcome packet should include a letter to inform you how to log in for the first time. At the bottom of this letter, there is an explanation of how to derive your username and what to use as your temporary password. If you need additional help, please contact support.

Page Last Updated: 12/16/2014